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Finding Relief & Hope in the Moment

The FOCUS program is designed to Help you face ongoing stress and change. It is easily customized to meet the unique needs of the individuals in the group. In order for YOU achieve their personal and relationship goals.

Come PAUSE for a MOMENT: 

Explore resources and activities to help YOU and your family learn more about getting FOCUSed: communication, problem solving, managing trauma and stress reminders, goal setting, and managing emotions.

FOCUS: Feature

In these MOMENT, You will develop a shared understanding of how your own experiences, challenges, and successes create a unique story to enhance their resilience and better prepare them to handle future challenges and obstacles.

Emotional Regulation

You learn to better understand your emotions and a common emotional language to make it easier to communicate with one another.

Parents learn skills to help them identify emotional reactions their children might have, such as being worried or sad.


YOU learn to actively listen and respond; learn how to express feelings, talk to others, and deal with unique challenges. Parents also learn how to communicate with your children but also how to address their concerns 

Problem Solving

YOU will learn how to clearly define problems and implement effective solutions, as well as ways to handle day-to-day challenges, while recognizing and building upon their existing strengths.

Goal Setting

YOU will learn how to set and take steps towards achievable goals. 

Managing Trauma and Stress 

YOU learn how to develop a plan together to deal effectively with stress and trauma.

FOCUS: About
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