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Mother, Life Coach, Legacy Motivator & Motivational Speaker, Professor ; funeralPresident/Director at the Floyd A. Williams Funeral Home, Inc.


Dahria Williams-Fernandes
Mrs. Williams-Fernandes is a Wife, a Mother while being the owner and operator of Floyd A. Williams Funeral Home in Boston, MA. She is a Professor of Thanatology and the Former Chairman of the Massachusetts State Board of Funeral Directors & Embalmers. From her 20+yrs of experience in the Death Care Industry and balancing her life’s mental, emotions, physical, spiritual, and social learning curve, a consistency range true. 

Purpose and Legacyhave become the primary emerging factors guiding her personal & professional life and how she interacts and mentors others. The seminars she has developed give her the opportunity to bring awareness to the lessons that arise out of looking a life in reverse.

The current situations that many individuals find themselves in when losing a loved one; discussing sensitive issues such as homicide and death of a child, to cost and probate court. All these areas manifest the end result of ones life’s journey and your written in briefly in the family

Dahria has strived to develop relationship with Religious leaders, Health care Professionals, Community-based social service agencies, Legal Professionals and Financial Advisors, Estate Planning Specialists and Insurance Agents, to provide sound and accurate information to you and your family which is the foundation of creating purpose and giving reverence to the gift of life.

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