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Professional Life & Legacy Doula


This site is all about YOU and your Imprint on "US," Collectively. But who am I to tell you:

Dahria Williams-Fernandes is a Wife and a Mother, while Owner and Operator of Floyd A. Williams Funeral Home in Boston, MA. She is a Professor of Mortuary Science, Mortuary Law, and Thanatology. She held an appointed and was the former Chairman of the Massachusetts State Board of Funeral Directors & Embalmers.

Through her spiritual journey & her husband's ordination,

she recognized that God had a hold & a place in her heart and head that transcended generations.

This alignment stemmed from her ability to outstretch her arms. Launching PAUSE broadened her reach and her mission to help others with her spiritual foundation. The molding of PAUSE motivated her to get the credentials that would back what life had already been set into place. Thus she became a  Certified Life Coach, Art Therapist, and an End-of-Life Doula.

PAUSE, Inc. has manifested from her 20+yrs of experience in the Death Care Industry, in addition to balancing her personal life's mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and social hurdles. She knows that LIFE has a generational learning curve that we must recognize, that we ALL were built to overcome. As Dahria stopped to PAUSE and take the steps that you will begin to take in a MOMENT; gathering the piece of her own life, a consistency reigned true ~

Purpose, Adaptation, and Legacy have become the primary emerging factors guiding her personal & professional life and how she interacts and mentors others. She has made it her mission to give a voice to the wisdom that has been bestowed upon her. Dealing with the end of life has set a charge upon her life; to create opportunities to bring awareness to the lessons that have arisen from looking at life in reverse. 

In her experience, she has found:

~ From Death Comes Life ~

Her goal is to change the perspective of funeral service and end-of-life planning. 

It is not about dying; it is about finding the path to Living Forever.

Over the years, Dahria has worked with thousands of families and has been blessed to speak in a variety of culturally diverse forums, discussing and addressing sensitive, hard-talk conversations.

Topics span the scope of Life, Death, and Beyond. 

She travels the stages of life; recognizing the psychology that comes with the realities of palliative & hospice, homicide, the loss of a child, cost, probate court,

family dynamics, grief, and how to start the next chapter of one's life.

She is known for her ability to put a level of ease to the issues one faces during a difficult but pivotal time in one's life. Her professionalism and compassion have continued to shine throughout her career, and amazingly funeral service has led her to tap into various areas in which she can pour into others and help them navigate life's blueprint. Dahria believes -

Every Life is Significant and has Value to Transcend Generations! 

Dahria has strived to develop relationships with other Religious Leaders, Health Care Professionals, Life Coaches, Art therapists, Community-based social service agencies, Legal Professionals and Financial Advisors, Estate Planning Specialists, and Insurance Agents. All to provide you with sound and accurate information

~ The Foundation Of Creating Purpose and Giving Reverence To The Gift Of Life.~

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“Patience is an inner pause, a brief stillness, a moment we give ourselves to breathe through our initial reaction so we can move to the place where a calm, thoughtful response is born. Patience is a gift of time we give ourselves so we can give the gift of peace to others.”

~In my personal self-reflection, I hold on to my mother reminding me about the Importance of Patience~ 

L R Knost

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