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PAUSE ~ A Move For A Moment, Life, Focus, Legacy, Purpose, Grief, Mental Health, Recovery, Grief Recovery Method

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Put Your Life into Focus through the Lens of Legacy

Invision an
Ecosystem to help you 
Move through Grief 

Pause is "A Movement for a Moment," which is sometimes all we can ask for in our time of need! "The Movement for a Moment" looks for the Teachable MOMENTS that feed Post Traumatic Growth & Transformative Education. Beginning by looking at Life at its end, and backpedaling to our purpose. A community that embraces the full scope of life, and walks in its Legacy.

Pause strives to encompass the expertise, information, tools, resources, support, guidance, and advocacy that focus on how to maneuver through life, "After the Storm".We highlight ways to enhance the Quality of Living and reveal the path to Meaning.

The difference between PAUSE and any other organization
is that we embrace the full spectrum of Life, focusing on the generational, cultural aspects that sway us.
We believe every life has a Legacy to be revealed and this is where we hope you can do so.
These pieces of one's Life Transcend even death.
Within this platform, we encourage and support you as you turn to the next chapter of life, into a new reality.
A PAUSE Moment can cultivate Personal Growth, Empowerment, and Enrichment, striving to become a resource to do just that!!!

Together we will explore and embrace the reality of grief, the loss, acceptance, and the inevitable.
We believe that with the right tools, FROM "DEATH" can come "LIFE."
Beyond just the appreciation of it, the depths of living in it ~ Leave a Legacy.

Whether you intend to learn about death for your personal and spiritual development,
want to build a practice to support families through death, or want to plan for the end of Life,
we've got offerings designed to help you.


Suppose these complimentary Moments interest you. Then you may want to think about: Subscribing to our Complimentary Moments.
Becoming a member to have full access to all of our PAUSE MOMENTS.

This is your Moment to BREATHE, THINK, GROW,
and explore how you can pass the wisdom on to OTHERS.


Alchemizing Grief, Turning Tragedy into Transformation, Loss into Legacy and Pain to Passion
PreNeed, PreArrangement, At Need Service, Aftercare Service
PAUSE ~ A Move For A Moment, Life, Focus, Legacy, Purpose, Grief, Mental Health, Recovery, Grief Recovery Method
Your Body is Not a Coffin for Pain to be Buried In ... Put it Somewhere Else

Our Hopes for you as you ~ PAUSE

  • Helping you accept and process your loss

  • Creating a safe space to grieve

  • Identifying new healthy ways to cope with your grief

  • Readjusting to life without your loved one

  • Finding new meaning in your life

  • Developing the bond with your loved one

  • Address complicated grief reactions that may accompany prolonged grief disorder.

Statistics of Grief - Stats on suffering
Types of Grief
PAUSE for Healing
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Can you find the Wisdom in the Wounds

Ultimate Goals

Your Roots, Trigger, Head and Heart Alignment, Intentional Focus, Growth, Transparency, self-Care, Mindfulness, reflection, enpowerment, balance, inner peace, self-love, elightenment, testimony, well-rounded
Working through old wounds and grief
The Silverlining, creating a shift, Legacy
What is Recovery? Feeling and Expectations
Define Recovery, open-mindedness, courage, willingness, choices

Some of you will come to us needing to take a PAUSE - to find a Road to Recovery, Healing & for your own Mentel & Physical Wellness yet we ALL come to capture Peace.

~ Let It Be STILL ~

We encourage all our Members to become PAUSE Motivators on the PAUSE platform and let the place of peace seep into your Local Community. 


PAUSE has invested in a learning management system for you to absorb as much as this world offers and access to a platform that encourages you to pour into OTHERS. 

Would you please come and preregister for one of our informational sessions to explore where YOU fit? 

Every 4th Tuesday of the Month, but check our schedule for our random Moment.






Grief Recovery - Grief Support Group
Grief Recovery Method - One on One Grief Support




a Movement


Create a MOMENT

Potential Motivators - Assisting with Grievers, Coaching, Support, TED Talk, TED Circles, Story Corp.
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Every Month, the PAUSE COMMUNITY 
focuses on a different area of wellness, explores our feelings and works to make sense of the gift called LIFE.

Whether you are always on the go or home-bound, we believe that Life is about the quality you can bring into it through your commitment to self through our guided "SOUL-WORK".

If you are a subscriber, this experience may lead you to become a MEMBER or even one of our MOTIVATORS


Feelings - Feeling Wheel - Feeling sad, bad, Happy, surprised, fear, anger, disgust
Podacast, Pause Shining a Light & Lighting Up Life


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Quote from Dahria Williams-Fernandes, Grief Specialist
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Pause was found by a woman, determined to make a MARK while living her DASH. She had been looking to others’ initiatives to commit to while neglecting hers - within. Her journey over the years reflects a need to help others. The culmination of her upbringing was the foundation of her values and natural gifts. Enhanced by her journey, PAUSE incorporates her testimony, values, and principles. Over the years, she molded and revealed through funeral services her ongoing WAR with MS and ignited by the blessing of being a Mother. PAUSE built its foundation here and has risen to be a beacon of empowerment and inner growth for all moving through the struggles of life. 

Taking Pain to PASSION

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