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Create the MOMENT

God has sent instrumental people in my life, who have planted seeds and I have watched them grow in my heart & spirit. They have instilled wisdom, discernment, courage, and growth. I will always recognize them as contributors to this mission’s success and my personal growth. Come meet just a fraction of them.

We want to embrace the journey of life together. Those we know, those we don’t know, and those we Love, will walk their Life not knowing their Significance, their Responsibility, their Rites, their Purpose or Worth, their strength, or even sadly... THEMSELVES.


We, as MOTIVATORS, have PAUSED (voluntarily or involuntarily), to explore the hard realities in life and I’d like to give you a place to grow, give back, gather, gab, and create the grapevine.



Thought-Based Approach

We endeavor to create a transformative educational, empowerment resource
without bias or corruption, with transparency and authenticity. 
A place where a difference of opinion is welcomed.
A place where people care to understand.
Brainstorming the minds of like-minded folks creating a well-rounded Mindset
One that brings clarity, enlightenment and hope and acceptance.
People who are trying their best to improve the overall well-being of themselves and their loved ones.
People trying to heal deep emotional wounds and
improve their state of mind in the search for spiritual growth.
People trying to live a more natural, holistic, healthy lifestyle.
People who just want to feel better inside and out and have more control and support in their everyday life.
But despite all this…
People who also understand that even with the best of intentions, nobody is perfect

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Why Join Our Motivators Team

If you’re driven to share your knowledge and empower people to achieve their goals, then teaching is your thing. While all teaching lets you share your experience, online teaching gives you the flexibility to do so at a global scale and at your own convenience.

Whether or not you’re already an online Motivator sign up to become a Motivator on our platform and become a part of our PAUSE Motivator community.


PAUSE strives to be the world’s largest online transformative education and learning marketplace for ALL facets of the human race. With an African-Conscious foundation, we hope to connect the Past, Present, and Future. Our aim is to connect people all over the world, to PAUSE4aMoment. In that Moment as a Motivators, you will be transforming lives through opportunities to teach and contribute but also learn. 

Benefits of teaching on PAUSE

  • Gain access to a global network base

As a PAUSE Motivator, you’ll gain access to our global network base, growing marketing programs, full access to use the Learning Management System, and other promotional tools to expand your reach, provide consistent communication and cultivate a sound ecosystem for your followers. Even before you publish your course, our tools help you identify the topics that are in demand and guide you in creating relevant course videos, & material for your target audience.

  • Own Your Content

THINK: What do you see when you look at life Backwards?

You can bless the Moment with basically anything, except a small list of restricted topics.

As a Motivator, you will upload your pre-existing content, or feel free to develop it within the platform. Your materials are yours and are NOT considered the intellectual property of PAUSE. Remember: You, SHINE Here!!!

PAUSE has a content review process prior to launching your contributions, but on PAUSE, you create your own content, which means you can host the same content elsewhere. We just ask that the experience we help you create and any adaptations that PAUSE contributes to make it a PAUSE experience, be exclusive and at a discounted rate for PAUSE members.

  • Be Your Own Boss

We give you an opportunity to connect to people from across the world from the comfort of your home. Creating PAUSE Moments gives you the flexibility to reach anywhere, anytime. 

  • Expand Your Earning Potential

Collaborating on PAUSE gives you additional earning potential. In fact, some instructors are able to leave their day jobs to Motivate full-time on PAUSE. Currently, It’s free to create and host a course on PAUSE, and you earn money every time a member buys your course while PAUSE earns as you attract Members, that commit to the PAUSE platform. This synergy is the framework of our ecosystem.

With PAUSE, you have the flexibility to offer your course for free or for a price you set — plus the option to promote your course with discount pricing. Learn about our Motivator revenue sharing and how you can keep up to 97% of your earnings.

Here, we don't want to hover your business, we want to promote it and let it shine. We just ask that you do it for the under privilege communities, the minority communities, the disabled, emotionally & mentally challenged individuals, who are, our focus.  We have a commitment to close the racial disparities that plague our communities such as the Racial Grief Gap. In your Motivator's orientation, we will discuss the concept of "VOLUME"

  • Be a Part of a Thriving Community

As a PAUSE Motivator, you can join a thriving diverse, multicultural community of beautiful minds, sound knowledge, transparent hearts, and empowering voices. Ones that embraces diversity, inclusion and offers support, guidance, and tips to help you succeed in turn into "The Next Chapter of Your Life." Oh and just know our support team will help you along the way.



Together WE Can!

Join us in spreading the mission of PAUSE by promoting the latest PAUSE programs to your audiences, and earn generous commissions while doing it.

Partners with those who share our passion for spreading life-transforming education that reveals One's Purpose as they walk in the Present and into the Future, while recognizing their Legacy.  They must see the value in Empowerment based off of embracing and giving reverence to the suffering, sacrifice and lessons of the past. Becoming a PAUSE partner can be a hugely rewarding step give the Networking value and broad social spectrum we uplift minds, and spirit.



Embrace Life’s Challenges TOGETHER

This service is a favorite among Motivators, as it is often times, one of the keys to getting your own outreach initiative off and running. Pause wants to help individuals like yourself; grow, give back with grace. Our Role would be to give you the tools and techniques to achieve a balanced, fulfilling career within your Passion.

After our PAUSE PATHWAYS program, you will become well-versed at handling issues whenever and wherever they arise. You will also become equipped to speak into your life but also in the Lives of Others.  Call now to schedule a MOMENT with one of our Lead Motivators.

MOTIVATORS: Team Members

We will educate & reiterate the need to develop ones own template, one that fits your Purpose,

and benefits Others, by simply using the tools at your disposal. 
Let US help motivate you through life’s adversities but also to inspire YOU to see Beyond.

Amanda Merricks



Amanda Merricks is a lifelong resident of Boston, Ma.  She has worked for United States Department of Health and Human Services, for the past 18 years, under three Presidential Administrations.   Amanda is the Chair of The Federal Special Emphasis Program Coalition.   Amanda is a Life Member of Blacks In Government Greater Boston Chapter and serves as the 2nd Executive Vice President, Membership Chair and the Health and Wellness coordinator for Region 1.

Amanda has been involved in many community activities and organizations over the past 28 years.  She served as a board member on the Franklin Park Coalition for 8 years, as one of the voices for Franklin Park.  Always very involved in Elma Lewis Playhouse in the Park concerts series, Amanda has produced several concerts while serving as the master of ceremony since 2015 for the Elma Lewis Playhouse in the Park.   

Amanda has been the Master of Ceremony for the Franklin Park Coalition 5K Turkey Trot since 2016.

In the early 90’s she won the title of Best Female Rapper in Boston, performing under the stage name of “D-Divine”.   As D-Divine, Amanda was passionate about using her talent to send out a positive anti-violence message through her music.   Her first performance was on WBZ-channel 4 on a kid’s talk show called Rap Around.  Amanda has performed at the Apollo in the early 90’s.  

Amanda wear’s a few different hats these days she is the Sr. Logistics Coordinator for and works with nationally known comedians such as Rodney Perry, Pierre Edwards, Michael Colyar, Adele Givens, Talent and Corey Manning just to name a few.  Producing Comedy shows all throughout the New England area and different parts of the world.

Amanda’s last major project was in 2019 as the Lead Entertainment coordinator for the NABA-Boston in Association with The United Minority Professionals 32nd Annual Ebony Gala for where she produced the Live Entertainment for this event bringing three major artist to Boston Jeff Redd, Horace Brown and The legendary Chubb Rock in December 2019.

Amanda’s strong religious belief has moved her to become involved in various church programs including volunteering to feed the homeless at the former Long Island Shelter and at Pine Street Inn Shelter.  Since 2015 she has made it her personal goal to pass out gloves, hats and blankets to the homeless.


Mercedes Neves


Bachelors in Psychology Master of Art, CAGS in School Psychology Specializing in student learning, psychological assessment, and consultation.

Mercedes Neves studied psychology at Northeastern University and advanced graduate studies at Bowie State University in Maryland. She is in her 11th year working as a School Psychologist in the public school sector and serves as a

pro-bono Educational Advocate to families in need in her spare time. Mercedes provides ongoing academic and behavioral consultation services to support diverse learners, provides crisis prevention and intervention, in addition to facilitating professional development in the areas of race & equity,

social-emotional learning, and anti-racist curriculum development. She also provides problem-solving consultation to parents and outside service providers.

Mercedes has significant experience working with children and families of diverse backgrounds in both urban and suburban settings. Additionally, her background includes community-based crisis psychological evaluations, neuropsychological evaluation interpretation, and clinical mental health service navigation.

Mercedes prides herself in finding ways to support others in need, whatever that need might be. She is known to be a strong believer and advocate for interventions that nurture the mind-body connection and work from a holistic health perspective. 

Tapestry: a picture woven into cloth that tells a story

As a whole, I see our lives as a tapestry, colorful, bright, and vivrant. From the darkest to the most beautiful experiences, our lives are full of "moments" of all kinds. My calling is to help others find the beauty in the totality of their life experiences. I strive to support others as they mindfully craft and reshape their personal narrative. We can walk the path to self-discovery and recovery together. What I love about the Pause mission is that it beckons for us to examine the threads and depths of our personal tapestry, our enduring legacy. It creates a place for growth and expansion thereof. Thus, when the journey has come to it's end, behold the beautiful tapestry we have lived! 


Join us as we take a "Moment" to breathe in the full spectrum of experiences life has blessed us with, for every experience is indeed a blessing. 


Sean Marcellous Williams



National & International Academic Recruiter

After a decade in the corporate world working in the law, finance, and technology fields, Sean devoted his career to international education and global career development in higher education. Over the past 15 years he has held several leadership roles in the areas of global career counseling, employer relations, university relations, and international program management. He studied Government at Connecticut College, performed graduate studies in the Economic History of Africa, Asia, and Latin America at the London School of Economics, and has an Executive Education degree in Non-Profit Management from Columbia Business School.

Boston, MA


Ms. Jenelle Johnson


PAUSE Operational Advisor & LEADER

Funeral Director, PreNeed & At-Need Specialist

COO, Floyd A. Williams Funeral Home



Arti Kumar-Jain, CHC, CPC, CYFPC, NCC, M.Ed

Certified Holistic Cancer Coach,
Executive Director Diya Holistic Life Care
Founding Director of Love & Light 4 Kidz LLC

Arti Kumar-Jain, MA, M.ED, NCC is currently the Executive Director of Diya Holistic Life Care and Founding Director of Love & Light 4 Kidz LLC. She also serves as a consultant, contractor, and presenter. She has over 20 years of experience in the school setting as an elementary school educator, early childhood educator, tutor, and mental health provider. She received her Master’s degree in Elementary Education and in Community Counseling from Marymount University in Arlington, Virginia. Arti is a Certified Parent Child Family Youth Coach, Certified Health Coach, as well as a Certified Holistic Cancer Coach. Arti believes in self-care for practitioners, relationship building, and linking mind, body, spirit for healing. She enjoys spending time with her family, reading, being a better cook nature, researching, and wherever the wind takes her for the moment.

Pastor John K. Fernandes


Men's Group Facilitator, PAUSE, Inc.

Associate Pastor, Legacy Ministries

Executive Director, ADDLessons, Inc.

Owner, TEN/25 Productions 

CoFounder, STAND UP Comedy Series


Rev. Floyd A. Williams, III


Ordained Minister of Divinity (Master)

Senior Pastor - Legacy Minister 
Founder & Director,

Floyd A. Williams Funeral Home

End of Life and Estate Planning Resource

Vietnam Veteran - Highest Combat Medals

PTSD Survivor and Group Facilitator
Our "Renaissance Man"

Boston, MA


Meet The PAUSE Motivators

Our Executive TEAM

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