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Where Is Life Taking You?

PAUSE is a place where we take a MOMENT
to analyze LIFE & 

We recognizing
Giving Reverence to the End of Life,
whether it be that of our own or the lives of our loved ones.


To Omega


we reflect, embrace and promote ways of helping Others develop their LENS OF LEGACY as a way to maneuver through LIFE but Embracing the Batons, passed on to the next generation from our loved ones life lessons, and values. 

This is a place for you to create your personal legacy story, define the meaning our your life and the purpose for which you were created. All in hope that you will
"Walk in the Light of Your Legacy".


In this TIME,

Where Is Life Taking You?

PAUSE is a place where we take a MOMENT
to give a VOICE to our testimonies, ALCHEMIZE our pain, 
GAIN the motivation to TURN the CHAPTER into a new reality and to get fortified for the road ahead.  
We are analyzing LIFE through what we call 
our LENS of LEGACY. 
We explore LIFE:
its Dimensions,
Our Purpose
and how to
Walk in the Light of your LEGACY.

              Recognizing the Value in looking at Life backwords.
           Giving Reverence to the End of Life,
               whether it be that of our own or
                             the lives of our loved ones.

We see the opportunities in Life
but also the Responsibilities that come with Life,
Beyond SELF.



We reflect, embrace, and promote ways of   helping Others develop their
 LENS OF LEGACY as a way to maneuver through LIFE, Embracing the Batons passed on to & through the generations, whether from our loved one's life lessons and values. 

This is a place for you to create your personal legacy story and define the meaning our your life and the purpose for which you were created.

                  ~ All in the hope that YOU will ~





in the Light
of Your

Referred to as a  "MOMENT"

Our Focus

Thank you for providing additional insights into the essence of Pause.
It's clear that Pause is not just an organization but a movement with a deeply compassionate and empathetic approach.



Momentary Pause:

  • Recognizes that many individuals experience overwhelming challenges in life.

  • Encourages taking a momentary pause, emphasizing the importance of slowing down in the face of life's difficulties.

Dealing with Grief and Challenges:

  • Acknowledges the grief and challenges that people face in their lives.

  • Offers a space where individuals can navigate these difficulties and find support.

Live, Laugh, and Love:

  • Advocates for embracing the positive aspects of life, regardless of current circumstances.

  • Encourages a mindset that focuses on living in the present, finding joy in laughter, and fostering love.

Compassionate Perspective:

  • Reflects a compassionate understanding of the struggles individuals may be going through.

  • Suggests that amidst challenges, there's a need to find moments of joy, humor, and connection.

Holistic Well-being:

  • Promotes a holistic approach to well-being, encompassing not only the challenges but also the positive aspects of life.

Universal Relevance:

  • Implies that the philosophy of taking a moment to live, laugh, and love is universally applicable, transcending specific circumstances.

Emphasis on the Present:

  • Highlights the importance of being present in the moment, appreciating life's simple pleasures, and finding moments of happiness.

Overall, Pause seems to offer a respite for individuals facing life's difficulties, promoting a mindset of resilience, joy, and connection. The emphasis on taking a moment to live fully, laugh heartily, and love unconditionally reflects a positive and uplifting philosophy.



Pause extends its focus to bring awareness to the day-to-day struggles of individuals dealing with all types of Grief stemming from a variety of diverse life challenges, such as loss and the uncertainties that come with Life.

This reflects a commitment to understand and address a wide range of life challenges. Here are some key points related to this aspect:

  • Inclusivity and Empathy:

    • Acknowledges the struggles faced by individuals dealing with chronic illness and disease.

    • Demonstrates inclusivity by recognizing the diverse experiences and challenges encountered by people with chronic illnesses.

  • The reality of the Unknown:

    • Addresses the uncertainty that individuals with chronic illnesses often face.

    • Encourages an understanding and empathetic approach towards those navigating the unpredictability of their health.

  • Awareness Building:

    • Aims to raise awareness about the daily challenges and realities associated with chronic illnesses.

    • Creates a platform to educate and inform the wider community about the experiences of those dealing with long-term health conditions.

  • Support and Understanding:

    • Indicates a commitment to providing support, understanding, and resources for individuals dealing with chronic illnesses.

    • Suggests that Pause serves as a community where individuals can find empathy and shared experiences.

  • Advocacy for Health & Mental Issues:

    • Implies a role in advocating for awareness and understanding of various health issues on a broader scale.

    • May collaborate with health organizations or professionals to contribute to a more informed and supportive society.

  • Navigating Life's Challenges:

    • This aligns with Pause's overarching theme of navigating through life's challenges, with a specific focus on the unique struggles.

  • Promoting Resilience, Balance & Alignment:

    • Encourages individuals with chronic illnesses to find moments of pause, resilience, and empowerment despite their health challenges.

    • May highlight stories of individuals who have successfully managed chronic conditions, promoting a positive and hopeful outlook.

By addressing the day-to-day struggles of those dealing with chronic illness, Pause adds an important dimension to its mission, fostering a community that recognizes and supports individuals facing health-related challenges.


PAUSE strives to build a culture and community that thrives off of genuine transparency, acceptance, love, support, and accountability. The mission is to Motivate you to grow SELF,  well being of Others, and a culture of authentic synergy for all of humanity. 


Individual MOMENTS have been chosen by PAUSE Leaders to align with the questions, concerns, responsibilities, and fears that lie within each stage in your life.


YET, we also know that you need to be COMMITTED to YOU,

for it to all come to fruition. 

All PAUSE MOMENTS require you to commit to an INTENSE MOMENT that will lead you to your monthly maintenance sessions.

Known to be transformative MOMENTS.

PAUSE, Inc. is an open community of diverse learners (ages 8-80) and their Motivators.
We are looking to adapt with the times to stay connected by technology and united by a desire to help others see the benefits of hard conversations, fellowship, a sense of belonging, accountability, empowerment, and knowing who you are, where you came from, and your purpose. 
All MOMENTS are offered by independent coaches, who determine the content and format of their own classes with the oversight of the Board of Directors, who sets the curriculum standards for a PAUSE experience.

While our open community is our greatest source of strength, it also brings challenges.  
It is important to us that PAUSE is a safe space for our users.  Our members should treat each other without bias or prejudice across all pillars of diversity including, but not limited to, race, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, and gender identity.

Here you will find some guidelines that we ask our members to observe.

PAUSE members who do not meet these guidelines will be removed from the site. 

There is a MOMENT taking place,
DON'T miss it!

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