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With your commitment to SELF, PAUSE will provide you the platform to see life from a different perspective.

Our transformative approach creates positive, permanent shifts in one's thinking, leading to equally positive actions. Ones that will cultivate LOVE.

Love of Self first and the LOVE for OTHERS.

As you transform your LENS, we hope to build a community that reaches beyond Self,

PAUSE values the power of ONE, in a family or a community, as a whole.

Why? Because the world depends on it!

YOU creating YOUR IMPRINT is our mission.

Your significance: Your life speaks volumes:

Pause likes to be a platform to grow, transform, and shift but also for you to have a VOICE. 

 Creating meaning to your life can be done whether you have 50, 15, 5  years to live or  

      ~ a Month.

The Lens of Legacy looks at life from a generational perspective but with an owl's view;

where you become aware of the desire to Live Life;

being mindful, about the One & Only Life you will Live:

Discovering Its purpose, Its sensitive balance, Its roots, and ultimately It's imprinted. 

We focus on making a difference in the lives of others, but by starting from WITHIN. Since our founder, is grounded by the daily perspective of the end of life, she made sure we recognize and learn to cherish the power that lies within a ...



Each life and the need for intentional, mindful action that keeps

in mind social responsibility and unity. 

With each MOMENT, we hope to address the questions and break the generational, social strongholds, which tend to hold us ALL back in life and restrains us from even thinking that we have something worthy to leave behind.

PAUSE is a firm believer in the cliche:

"You Can't Love Others Until You Love Yourself"

THIS IS OUR GOAL but we also are aware that:


"Prayer without Action is lost."

Thus we commend YOU for being here!!!

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Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns about how to start incorporating a PAUSE in your life. 

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