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A PLACE for 

~  Making ChanGe One MOMENT at a Time ~

Grow, Give-Back, Gather, Gab And To Create The Grapevine

TIME for you - Personal Transformation & Growth

Your VOICE Matters - Your wisdom is honored, and your knowledge is validated


Complements your Holistic Wisdom


Community Growth & Networking



Commitment to Strengthening YOU - the most important tool.

Use of 1#Ranked Learning Management System for your personal development.

Your followers can access Online Learning Portal & join you from anywhere, anytime!

Business insight, advice, guidance, and overhead cost reduction - Expenses & Marketing & Advertising.

Opportunity to outreach beyond your current reach 

Training on the PAUSE method for instilling a focus on the human necessity to PAUSE, at times in life to analyze & explore the different aspects and stages of LIFE, but additionally the effects of our thinking, choices, reactions, and behaviors. We simply add the practical pieces leading up to walking in the light of one's Legacy.

An opportunity to educate, empower and assist in putting order in the lives of families and communities; to do your part in making their lives and the lives of others better! 

The benefit of over 40 years of experience as an End-of-Life Professional in private practice has fined tuned the concept of the LENS OF LEGACY.

Access to Coaching Techniques

Build confidence in serving the dying, easing death anxiety within the family, and imparting the skills to meet the most important needs of this time period.

Coaching you to discern your next steps within your Life's Purpose.

Provides practical tools, assistance in course development,

brainstorming forums, and personal mentoring 

Supports your Vision 


Compensation for your testimony, gift, blessings, knowledge,

hard work, sacrifice, and vision.

Enjoy a safe and secure home base for LIFE and your LENS OF LEGACY!

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An Opportunity To LOVE: Gather, Gab, Grieve, Grow, Give-back & To Create The Grapevine

1. JOIN the Next Info-Session, if you have not already had the opportunity.

a. Grab the link below to Register and see what The Movement is up to yet, more importantly, how you can contribute!

**One info session is required to complete the application process. **

2. SETUP - The Meeting of the Minds” Session

a. Schedule a follow up conversation, one on one a LEAD MOTIVATOR. This “Meeting of the Minds” Session will give you an opportunity to ask questions about the platform and also our opportunity to here directly how you feel PAUSE will benefit your passion & your life’s purpose.

Here is our calendar for your convenience.

This conversation will lead to the final step in the application process which would be the Formal Written Application and “Motivator’s” Onboarding Packet.

3. REQUEST: Your PAUSE Application.

a. If this is your next step, please email us at and And TYPE:

“I’M ready to join the MOVEMENT!!!”

You can expect a follow up email with 3-5 business days, but you will receive confirmation of your request at once.


Thank you for your interest in the Mission around this Platform and consideration of being a part of something bigger than US ~ the Dimensional Wellness of the World.

Become A Motivator: Contact


Step 1: Learn about PAUSE

These two videos cover the basics of what it means to be a teacher on PAUSE. You can also learn more about teaching on PAUSE with the Motivators Guide

How PAUSE Works

Who can teach, what you can teach, how you teach, when you teach, and how you make money.

Applying to PAUSE

Step 2: Fill out your application

All fields are required. While we ask about professional teaching experience, it’s not a requirement to teach on PAUSE.

At this time, you must be based in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England or Wales to teach on PAUSE. 

Public Teacher Name

This is what families will see on your class listings and teacher profile. It can be edited later.

Legal Name

Please enter your full legal name. This will only be visible to our team, and cannot be edited later.




This is only used by PAUSE when we need to contact you.


City, state, and country

Please list all of the experience you have teaching or working with youth, whether as a professional, a volunteer, or in your personal life. Our teachers come from a variety of professional backgrounds - share anything you think we should know!

Be specific with how long you’ve worked with youth, the subjects you’ve taught, and the ages of learners you’ve worked with.

Please list any academic degrees, teaching credentials (current or expired), professional training, or other relevant professional certifications you hold. We do not require degrees to teach on PAUSE - include anything that will help us learn more about your background.

Please include year, subject, and state or institution.

(Optional) Online profiles: do you have a professional website, Facebook page, or LinkedIn profile that helps describe your experience and expertise? Share it with us here!

Step 3: Tell us about your classes

Outschool teachers create their own classes. What topics are you passionate about teaching? Which ages of learners do you want to work with? What experience or expertise do you have in these subject areas?

It’s fine to share high-level topics here (no need to have the perfect class title). Need help coming up with ideas? Check out our list of Recent Topic Requests here!

Now that you’ve told us what you want to teach, let us know what your class will look like! Write a sample class description below. You should write this description as though it is for prospective families. Include information about what you will teach, how you will teach it, and what learners should expect from class time. This field is only for our team and will not be published on the site.

This section should be at least a paragraph long. Not sure where to start? Check out our sample class listings for new teachers!

Embrace Your MOMENT

Boston, Suffolk County 02125 USA

TEXT TO: (617) 592-2522

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Become A Motivator

Get the Most out of Life

Authors, Teachers And Thought Leaders
One of PAUSE’s key ways to impact lives through Transformative Education is by working with key experts, who have a message that we want to share with our the PAUSE community.


Therefore, we seek Life Coaches, End of Life Practitioners, Health & Wellness Providers, Therapists, Authors, Teachers and Thought Leaders.


Individuals that desire to help push humanity forward, those that possess a rare gift to see the SILVER-LINING in the Valley but also the opportunity lingering at the edge of darkness.


Basically, we seek individuals that will enrich our content and the learning experience of our Community.

Sat on the Rocks
Become A Motivator: Services

Step 4: Teach us something!

Record a 3-5 minute video where you teach a sample of the class you described above. This video will stay private and will not be visible to families. It’s a way for our team to get a quick read on who you are and the kind of teaching environment you’ll provide to Outschool learners.You should:

  • Show us (and show off!) the space where you will teach.

  • Show us your teaching personality.

  • Share your expertise! Teach us something that you are excited to share with learners on Outschool.

Record or Upload Video

  • Recommended length: 3-5 minutes

  • If uploading your video, check to make sure it is 100mb or less

  • Watch your video to make sure the recording worked! It may take a few minutes to show up on this page. If it does not, try refreshing your browser window.


Become A Motivator: Welcome

While there are differing opinions on whether the facilitator (MOTIVATORS) should be a trained “professional” or not, there are qualities of any facilitator that should be sought. The decision about whether you use a trained paid professional, volunteers, or some combination of this is up to each agency, but regardless of this decision, the following characteristics are important:

  • A Motivator needs to know the grief process, including signs of complicated grief.

  • A Motivator should know the impact of different types of losses on the grief process, especially loss that was traumatic (suicide, homicide, accident), or grief which is disenfranchised (not acknowledged by society).

  • A Motivator needs to understand group dynamics and how to respond to and manage certain situations that can arise when a group of people interact over time.

  • A Motivator needs to be accepting and nonjudgmental.

  • A Motivatorsneeds to be skilled at listening as well as communicating and teaching.

  • A Motivator needs to be able to demonstrate compassion, empathy, respect, and authenticity.

  • A Motivator needs to be comfortable with silence as well as conflict.

  • A Motivator needs to set boundaries, not just for the group members but also for themselves.

  • A Motivator should be flexible, able to adjust plans for a group as needed.

  • A Motivator should be aware of community resources, open to learning, and aware of when to seek help.

We Are Currently Welcoming:

  • Aspiring Doulas

  • End-of-Life Care Practitioners

  • Family Caregivers

  • Hospice and Palliative Care Volunteers

  • Professionals who work in Healthcare, Mental Health, Social Work, and Integrative Therapies

  • Spiritual Care Providers

  • All who heed the call to embrace dying as part of the natural life cycle with more compassion and knowledge but also one who realizes that, in LIFE you have a PURPOSE.

So whether you are a:

  •         Successful Coach

  •         Attorney

  •         Accountant

  •         Marketing Expert

  •         Virtual Assistant

  •         Office Organizer

  •         Graphic Designer

  •         Computer Consultant

  •         CPA

  •         Lawyers of various Specialties

  •         Therapists of various Specialties

  •         Real Estate Agent

  •         Hair Stylist and other Personal Services

  •         Massage Therapist

  •         Chiropractor and other Health Professionals

  •         Landscaper and other Home Service Professionals​



Become A Motivator: About
Untitled design-6.jpg

Prospective Motivators FAQ

What does PAUSE, Inc. offer Motivators?
We offer a platform for coaches to organize, promote, and deliver online classes.

This includes:

  • Beautiful online listings for your classes

  • Access to our community of learners

  • Secure online payments

  • Integrated video chat platform and messaging

  • Responsive support via chat and email

We do our best to simplify the logistics, so you can focus on crafting the class experience.


What classes can I teach?
We encourage you to teach classes on topics you are passionate about and experienced with, and ideally that you have taught before. We welcome classes on all subjects and in all formats, for learners age 18+. PAUSE does not provide classes for adults or children struggling with medically diagnosed mental health issues unless referred by their physician as supportive therapy. Motivators will not report to the referring physician. 


We generally suggest the Motivators offering a range of classes, known as MOMENTS, including short-form introductory classes that meet 1-4 times, as well as longer-form semester-long classes.  We have found it hard to predict what classes are popular on PAUSE, thus the MOMENT's evaluations are heavily weighted when it comes to reoffering the MOMENT.  

So we suggest listing a range of options and then iterating based on the response.  

All classes should involve significant interaction with the Motivator. 

We do not sell curriculum or self-paced classes.

What can I earn? What does this cost?
Your earnings will depend on what your classes cost, and how many people sign up. PAUSE collects a 30% service fee from all paid enrollments. We will send your payment 7-10 days after your class is scheduled to start. Payment is via Paypal to the email address you specify.  You will need to pay tax on your earnings and report them appropriately.

Can I use PAUSE, Inc. to promote classes that are sold elsewhere?
No. Because PAUSE relies on an integrated video chat system,

all attending learners must be enrolled through the PAUSE website.  

Become A Motivator: About
Become A Motivator: About


If you have a MOMENT (Simple offering, info session, course, workshop) that you would like to teach on the PAUSE platform, we are excited to invite additional instructors 

to submit their materials for consideration: 

  • There is a $25 submission fee per MOMENT.  

  • Upon submission the board will review the content of the curriculum for:

    • ​Aligns with PAUSE's Core principles & holds core requirements
    • Culturally Competent Material, Inclusive language, and implicit (and not) bias

  • After board approval, the course will be promoted & Advertised through PAUSE

  • 1 space in the first class will be reserved for a PAUSE Chairman to Audit.

  • Instructors are asked to make classes financially accessible, with at least one sliding a scale or scholarship space

  • Price of the MOMENT (course/workshop) is set by the Instructor

  • PAUSE Classroom and Electronic Meeting space is offered

  • Assistance with the creation of marketing materials 

  • PAUSE will retain 30% of each attendee ticket. 

Minimum Requirements Checklist

PAUSE has minimum and recommended standards for courses on the platform.

Our review team is available to help you get your course ready for Members to enjoy.

You can expect to receive personalized feedback when you submit a test video
and when you submit your course for review.

A complete MOMENTS has:

  • At least 30 minutes of video content

  • Recommend at least 5 separate lectures

  • Valuable educational content (Learn more) HD video quality (720p or 1080p)*

    • Encompasses PAUSE's Principle Content

  • Audio that comes out of both channels and is synced to video Audio quality that is not distracting to students*

  • A complete course landing page has:

  • A high quality course image in line with our image standards (min. 2048x1152 pixels)

  • A well-written course title and subtitle that includes relevant keywords

  • A brief, honest, well-written MOMENT description

  • Clear course goals, target audience, and requirements that are easy and understand

  • A credible and complete instructor bio and profile picture


PAUSE is excited to partner with you to bring valuable course content to individuals all around the world. 

Get in Touch


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