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Alexey Ovchinnikov
Alexey Ovchinnikov

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Private financing of large-scale infrastructure projects through Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) has grown in recent decades. Together with changes in conventional construction procedures, there have been changes in the project financing model. The use of PPPs raises questions as to the role of the private sector in infrastructure provision and the conditions governing the long-term contractual relationships between the private and public sectors. In some early examples of PPPs, the government guaranteed a minimum profitability over the cash flows using a set of contractual terms which transferred some of the risk of the project from the private provider back to the government. Using a large toll road project, the Melbourne CityLink Project, as a case study we show how the imposed conditions can be treated as real options, how these options affect the incentive to invest and how the public sector may be transferring considerable value to the private sector through government guarantees.

ana monte real

The more we shun others, the more we try to marginalize them and /or erase them the more the mirror reflects back to us our own vulnerability, our own awareness of this reality, and potential to be shunned by others. The more a light is shone on our own hurts , the more our judgments become visible. The more we fear, the more we fight. The more we hide behind our armor. The more the armor rubs against our raw flesh, the more disturbed we become the more we deny that we are hurting or in any way damaging others. We blame the others and claim that we are simply protecting and defending ourselves from inequality, or being rubbed to what is owed to us.

Healing requires that we not only acknowledge and deal with our own real and perceived wounds, it asks us to acknowledge and take responsibility for hurting others. Take responsibility for the pain, losses, and injuries we have inflicted by commission and/ or omission. It requires facing our legacy of the exploitation of others by our ancestors, and experiencing the shame and /or mixed emotions as we face their contribution to the pain and suffering of others. It requires that we look at their actions in the context of the times. Naming their actions, seeing our ancestors as whole human beings, both light, and shadow. It requires taking steps to stop the cycle of trauma, set boundaries, respect ourselves and others while being responsible, for our thoughts, beliefs, and actions. Healing asks us to take active steps to change or replace the constructs, the false narratives that we have lived with until now, and which are instruments of oppression for self and others. It asks us to install and facilitate those same advantages to others, that until now have been awarded to a selected few, in order to bring equity .

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